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In order to be a liquid on Earth—normally, it's a gas—nitrogen (N2) must reach temperatures below -321° Fahrenheit. Here at the Museum of Science and Industry, we do a program called “Happy Brr-thday!” that routinely involves pouring liquid nitrogen into glass containers that are at room temperature, or approximately 70° F.

That is almost like taking a glass...

This past summer saw the shutdown of the Tevatron, a particle accelerator located at Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois. Guests at MSI have expressed some confusion about what Fermilab’s mission will be post-Tevatron. According to Fermilab's wesbite, their focus going forward falls into three groups of research.

The first is analyzing data from the Tevatron, the most high-energy particle accelerator/collider until the Large...

Like modern day Ahabs, the folks over at NASA have taken to designing a harpoon capable of tackling the great white beasts of space: comets! These notoriously chaotic celestial bodies tumble quickly and move at up to 150,000 mph while spewing forth a cloud of debris. Given the volatile character of these objects, it is dangerous to approach one too closely. Thus NASA is currently investigating shooting...

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