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How much space do you need? Despite being low on the population density list, Americans tend to take up a lot of space. In fact, the Sierra Club reports that an American's average "ecological footprint"—the space it takes to produce the resources he or she uses—is four times the world's average. Some people are trying to combat this by living small. Really small.

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While most in the southeastern United States might prefer to avoid an eastern diamondback rattlesnake, some herpetologists are becoming afraid of something else: not being able to find them. The world's largest rattlesnake seems to be disappearing from its natural habitat.

The US Department of Fish and Wildlife has announced a year-long study to determine if the rattlers' numbers have...

There's a growing trend in science in which the general public collects and interprets data for research projects led by universities and other institutions. Citizen science, as it's commonly called, can involve tracking wildlife, identifying stars, and even scanning the galaxy for extraterrestrial life. And now... reporting...

How do you remove your bandage? Slow and steady? Fast, so the pain ends quickly? Some day in the future, you may not need to rip it off at all—your body would just absorb it!

Penn State's department of food science has been turning liquified starch into long fibers with charges from an electrospinning device. When woven together, these fibers can be used to make eco-friendly toiletries, including toilet paper and...

Turns out that studying physics can do more than make you super-smart; it can also get you out of a ticket! University of California physicist Dmitri Krioukov was written a ticket for not properly stopping at a stop sign in California. In order to fight the citation, he wrote a paper.

In four pages of graphs and formulas, The Proof of Innocence asserts that the police...

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